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Incoming Students

Fulltime and visiting students can find detailed information on their study period in Bremen here.

Erasmus/Visiting Students

Information about studies in Germany -> Bremen -> HfK Bremen

The International Office is your first contact point in case you want to apply as a visiting student. You do not have to pass an entrance examination as visiting student and you can apply for winter semester and/ or summer semester. You can be a visiting student for one or maximum two semesters. This applies to students from partner universities and, subject to capacities, individual applicants.

Full-time Students

In case you want to apply for a full-time study programme, i.e. for a study of 4 – 10 semesters, please turn to our online platform ARTIST. This application is only possible online in all study programmes. All full-time applicants have to pass an entrance examination in Bremen. The procedures differ from each other, dependant on the chosen course of study. Detailed information about deadlines, contents and procedures of the entrance examination you find in ARTIST

Individual Support for Visiting and Full-Time Students

The International Office’s volunteer (FKJ) and the tutors (student assistants) are happy to help international visiting and full-time-students with any issues or problems that might arise, e.g. trip to the authorities, flat-hunting etc. They support students with orientation in Bremen, organize free-time activities, provide helpful advice for language course options and are also involved in the initial contact with refugees.

Code of Conduct with regard to international students

The Code of Conduct implies quality standards for the studies of foreign students at German Higher Education Institutions. The focus lies on an appropriate support for international students.

The aim is to foster and to improve the support of foreign students with the help of common standards in the fields of information, advice and promotion, admittance and grading as well as professional, linguistic and social mentoring.

The University of the Arts (HfK) joined the Code of Conduct. In case you have questions concerning the Code of Conduct or in the event of complaints as an international student at the HfK you can contact the International Office.

Here you can find the full version of the Code of Conduct:

Living costs in Bremen

We recommend to budget between 650 and 800 Euros per month for living and studying in Bremen. The amount results from the following items:

  • Ø Rent: 260 - 330 Euro
  • Ø Subsistence: 300 - 350 Euro
  • Ø Health insurance: 80-90 Euro (*)
  • Ø Study material/other: 25 Euro

Your exact demand depends on your personal lifestyle. The following examples of student life might give you an idea of prices in Germany: A 500-gramm-package spaghetti costs between 0,40 Euro in a discounter and 1,20 Euro in a traditional supermarket. Having a rest in a nice café you will have to pay around 2,20 Euros for a normal coffee, a latte Macchiato will cost you 2,80 Euro. A low-priced hairdresser’s salon will charge you 15 - 20 Euros for a haircut. And a Pizza you will get for 5-10 Euros.

The expenses for student material depend on your field of study and the methods you wish to use for your artistic work. 

* Health Insurance

Under German law every student is required to be adequately health insured. This holds also for visiting students spending just one or two semesters in Bremen. If you are from an EU member state your home insurance usually will be effectual. If you come from outside the EU or are going to study permanently in Germany you need to take out a German health insurance. The current insurance contribution for students amounts to approx. 70 Euros per month.

International Office

Susanne Schäfer

Telephone.: 0421 - 95 95 10 40
Fax: 0421 - 95 95 20 40

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