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International Full Time Students


“Logbook“ is a project initiated by the International Office (IO) of the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK). It is intended to provide support for international full-time students of both faculties (Music and Arts & Design).

The International Office is your focal point of contact. Depending on your concern, the IO will provide information and advice and/or will refer you to the appropriate contacts inside and outside of HfK.

Initial consultation: If you are in the process of deciding whether studying at HfK would be the right thing for you, the International Office is able to provide support. During an initial consultation, the contents and structure of the different study programmes will be explained. Likewise, you will learn about the application process, ways of financing, required language proficiency and what it means to study in Germany.

Guidance regarding language and culture: Have you passed the entrance examination and are on your way to Bremen? Once here, you will be introduced to German cultures that may be foreign to you. The rules of the game might differ from those you are used to in your country. In addition, you might wonder how the beginning of your studies should be organised or how the HfK Bremen operates as an institution. The International Office provides information with regard to a variety of questions international students may have such as how to prepare studying in Germany from an intercultural perspective.

For international students, improving their language skills is one of the key competencies, enabling them to study properly and to work during their studies or subsequent to their graduation. Language courses are crucial; however, there are more options to improve language proficiency. Same can be discussed during an appointment.

Advice on finding scholarships: Which scholarship suits your personal situation? With the help of a list of institutions offering scholarships, we can support you with deciding how to proceed.

Advice on studying abroad: Are you thinking about studying abroad at one of HfK’s partner universities? Are you interested in an internship in another country? The International Office provides information and guidance in this regard, including funding options.

You will find basic Information about studying in Germany and Bremen via this link.

Short questions: in person, per phone, per e-mail
Office hours: Wednesdays, 10-12 and by arrangement

Individual consultation by arrangement: We will have 60 minutes to talk about your personal situation and your concerns.