Faculty Administration Art and Design

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For the Faculty of Art and Design (KuD), the administration is the point of contact for all administrative issues relating to study and teaching. These include budgetary matters, awarding lectureships, course planning, campus management, contracts for student assistants and tutorials, procedures for appointments, accreditation and evaluations, as well as a multitude of diverse organisational tasks. At all times, the administration conducts constructive, goal-oriented communications with different actors and departments of the HfK. This is key to ensure that daily processes at the University run smoothly. The focus is on the proactive design of interfaces within (administration – teaching) and outside the Faculty (with various departments of the central administration, the Music Faculty, etc.) The management for the department council, the dean's office and the examination board are also located here.

Head of Administration – Art and Design Faculty

Budgetary issues including procurement KuD, planning for development and equipment

Executive office/assistance for the dean´s office, department council and study commission, student assistants and tutorials, appointment procedures

Teaching assignments, work contracts, declarations of commitments to teach

Coordination at the Faculty Integrated Design

Coordination of the inter-university study programme Digital Media

Quality development requires creativity, initiative and a methodical approach, especially at an art academy. Interdisciplinarity as a central profile element of the HfK also places special demands on the creativity of cooperations. In such a context, quality arises where people work together beyond their own fields in an effort to meet the mutually agreed requirements. This can succeed in an environment of cooperation, trust, solidarity, networking and acceptance of responsibility. The quality development department accompanies the degree programs at the Faculty in their development, but also in their efforts to fulfil formal requirements within the framework of the resources provided by the Faculty, the HfK and legal requirements. On the operational level, these are: Monitoring the development processes in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, support for context-related university policy issues, advice to the dean's office, support and implementation of accreditation and evaluation procedures, as well as surveys, anonymous feedback and an systematic analysis of student reflections on studies and teaching.