Faculty Council Art and Design

The Faculty Council is – in addition to the Dean's Office, the Dean and the Dean of Studies – an organ of the faculty. 

The tasks of the Faculty Council include, for example, the election of the dean's office, the introduction/amendment and abolition of study programmes, subject-specific parts of the examination and doctoral regulations, principles of resource management, the installation of appointment committees, resolutions on appointment proposals, etc. (see §§ 87 ff. Bremen Higher Education Act). 

The Faculty Council for Art and Design consists of up to 13 elected representatives from all status groups and study programmes. A term of office lasts two years or one year for student members. 

The members of the Dean's Office take part in the Faculty Council meetings in an advisory capacity and are not voting members of the Faculty Council. The Dean is responsible for chairing the meetings. Administratively, the Faculty Council is closely supported by the management from the Faculty Administration.