Faculty Council Music

In addition to the deans' offices (dean, deputy dean and dean of studies), the department council is a central body of the faculty. 

The tasks of the faculty council include the election of the dean's office, the examination committee, the study commissions and the events committee, the decision on proposals for the introduction, change and cancellation of study programs, deciding on subject-specific parts of the examination and entrance examination regulations and the module handbooks as well as the study plans, principles of fund management, principles of quality management in teaching, establishment of appointment committees, resolutions on appointment proposals, etc. (see §§ 87 ff Bremen Higher Education Act).

The faculty council consists of up to 11 elected representatives from all status groups. 

The current composition of the council is as follows:

Group of professors

Replacements for committee members without a personal deputy are in the order listed:

Group of students

Group of colleagues from the arts and sciences

Group of colleagues from technical departments and administration

Group of lecturers