Exhibition venues

Already during their studies, art and design students at the HfK are given the opportunity to present their projects at a wide variety of exhibition venues at the university and in the city. From the floating exhibition and event ship MS Dauerwelle, to the classic presentation in the White Cube at Galerie Flut, to Speicher XI A with over 2,000 square metres of space in Bremen's Überseestadt: the HfK offers a suitable exhibition venue for every student project. In addition to the HfK's own exhibition and event venues, there are numerous cooperations with cultural institutions in Bremen. This gives students the opportunity to exhibit in large exhibition spaces and museums during their studies and to establish connections in the art and cultural scene locally and beyond the city.

The newly built Speicher XI A, measuring over 2.000 sqm and almost 100 meters long, is located in close proximity to Speicher XI. Speicher XI A creates a place for learning, teaching, working and experimenting in Bremen's Überseestadt. 

Hall 1 is intended to serve as an exhibition space, featuring large-scale installations, as well as a concert hall with seating for up to 400 people for the university orchestra, big band, or opera performances by the students. 

Speicher XI A is designed to foster inter- and transdisciplinarity. And the spatial prox imity of various teaching and workshop offerings constantly generates new formats.

Since 2022, the University of the Arts has had a mobile university location in the form of the exhibition and event ship "Dauerwelle". The redesigned passenger ship is located opposite the Schlachte at the Bürgermeister-Smidt-Brücke. 

Exhibitions, concerts, lectures, discussions, project presentations, workshops and much more are possible there. The fifty-three-metre-long ship is also temporarily available as a workspace.

“Flut” and “Nebenflut” are the galleries at the University of the Arts Bremen at Speicher XI. They are a field for experimenting for a yet young art that wants to be discovered, a playground for new exhibition concepts, project and examination work. 

The gallery “Flut” was developed and realised by students in an interdisciplinary dialogue in order to discuss new formats and at the same time to enable more public presence for and discourse on works by students of the University of the Arts. 

A regular exhibition programme of students, classes or courses as well as exchange projects with other art and design schools is on offer. The galleries are thus a platform for exchange, process, innovation, venture and a possible springboard into the fresh waves of the profession.

The Center for International Research and Collaborative Art, or Circa 106, is located at Bismarckstraße 106 in Bremen, Germany. It is open for exhibitions, workshops, lectures, film screenings, or other events. Since 2017, Circa 106 has been run by various student groups from the Hochschule für Künste Bremen – with the goal of opening a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and disciplines around a variety of interests. 

What is offered is an open and welcoming platform where everyone can actively make their voice heard. The space can accommodate various formats, for example, as a meeting place for different groups and communities, the ongoing programme “Circa Library” (Instagram: @circalibrary), for exhibitions, workshops, and other programmes that are typically announced and organized through open calls. 

The collaborative aspect of the space is reflected in its programmes: In the regularly occurring “Version Room” and “The Dynamic Archive” (thedynamicarchive.net), questions of collaboration and sharing are discussed, explored, and developed. 

HfK students can also make use of the university's existing cooperation with cultural institutions in Bremen for exhibitions and events. This gives them the opportunity to exhibit in large exhibition spaces and museums such as the Weserburg – Museum of Modern Art during their studies and to present their work in the city and beyond. 

For example, the Meisterschüler:innen exhibition takes place every year in cooperation with the Weserburg, the Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst (GAK), the Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Haus or the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus. The Theater Bremen and the Schwankhalle offer their spaces for performances. Students and studios also regularly present their projects in the Galerie Mitte in the KUBO. The Kunsthalle Bremen serves as a venue for lecture series and has already presented works by students and graduates of the HfK.