Radio Angrezi

Radio Angrezi is a student-organized, autonomous internet radio station and a platform for experimentation in sound, music, language and live performance. The programme includes regular formats – such as our DJ or music sessions, Thursday evenings in the radio studio or experimental sound sessions – as well as standalone broadcasts. The collective also broadcasts and curates events from time to time. 

Shows are being broadcasted from the studio in Speicher XI, from home or on the road with a mobile setup. The shows are mostly broadcasted live, sometimes prerecorded on, as well as bi-weekly on 92.5 FM. The studio doubles as a listening space with a bar, couches and rugs, so most of the broadcast formats are not just for streaming but also suitable for guests on the spot. 

Angrezi can be understood as a mouthpiece for different topics – also beyond the HfK – we are organized across disciplines, courses of study and languages and warmly invite everyone to develop new questions, forms and formats, to perform and broadcast, to listen, observe and discuss. Whether there is interest in simply making a broadcast, assisting with events, providing technical support, or helping to organize: Angrezi is open to everyone, tries to be as low-threshold as possible and is happy to welcome new faces.

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  • Location Am Speicher
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