Studio for Electroacoustic Music

Situated in the Atelier Neue Musik, the Studio for Electroacoustic Music of the is the central classroom for individual lessons and seminars in the field of composition and realisation of electroacoustic music. More general courses on audio technology and audio programming also take place here. Regular lessons in these subjects are supplemented by workshops and guest lectures. 

Composition students create works using electroacoustic means (acousmatic music, live electronics, audiovisual projects, etc.) in the studio and can use a 3D speaker setup (9.1.4). Electroacoustic concerts and other events are prepared here, even beyond the students' work. This applies to fixed media as well as interactive projects: instrumental and vocal works with live electronics are rehearsed here. 

Through its activities in the field of sound art and audiovisual composition, the studio also forms a bridge to the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of the Arts Bremen, in particular to study programmes in Fine Arts and Digital Media. 

The Studio for Electroacoustic Music is located in Dechanatstraße.

  • Location Dechanatstraße
  • Studio for Electroacoustic Music 0.35