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Online-Technik is where students from HfK can borrow helpful tools. Rental duration is per semester.

Please use online rental registration for the smooth handover of items:

  • USB Webcamera
  • Studio headphone
  • headset with microphone
  • KRK Rokit 7/8 (studio sound monitor, very limited!)
  • Dremel 4000
  • Zoom H1
  • Zoom H5 (very limited!)
  • Zoom Q2n
  • laptops (very limited! only with liability insurance)

Limited amount of laptops are available. Students who have never rented laptop have more priority. For rental, you need to present your liability insurance that covers rental laptops. To apply, please fill in the form:

  • Email
  • Location Am Speicher XI
  • Room 2.09.040

You can find the opening hours under this Google Calendar: