Tuesday | 4 June 2024 9 p.m.

HfK Jazzclub: The Suppe

Musikkeller / Mensa13
Vergangene Veranstaltung

‘The Suppe’ presents an up-and-coming band that met in their first semester at the University of the Arts in Bremen. In search of their own sound, deeply rooted in the world of jazz, they explore different musical landscapes from Robert Glasper's jazz and funk to Stevie Wonder, complemented by Latin American rhythms. Their performances are a tribute to their diverse roots, wrapped in dynamic rhythms and multilingual lyrics.

Juana Casas Ferrus (Voc)
Steliyana Daskalova (Voc)
Radoslav Georgiev (Git)
Camilo Bittencourt (Piano)
Felipe Pedraza (Bass)
Oskar Schönherr (Dr)

The "hfk jazzclub" is the venue for contemporary jazz in Bremen. Concerts and sessions with musicians from the university and local and national musicians take place every Tuesday of the semester at 9 pm in the basement vault of the University of Music. Passionate jamming takes place here, or student tryout programmes are presented. Semester projects by the Rehearsal Band and themed concert programmes are also on offer. In short: a think tank for jazz and a meeting place for Bremen's jazz scene.

Normal: 5 Euro
HfK students: 2 euros

Tickets are available at the box office from 8 pm

Musikkeller / Mensa13 Dechanatstraße 13–15 28195 Bremen
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