Friday | 01. March 2024 15:00

Software and Soft Wear – Creative Coding and Textile Experiments

University of the Arts Bremen | Galler (0.05)
Vergangene Veranstaltung
Software & Softwear
Opening: 01.03.24, 18:00–21:00

Opening hours: 02.03 and 03.03 15:00–19:00

Exploring the intertwined history of textile and code, nine students present their works from the course Software and Soft Wear: Creative Coding and Textile Experiments at HfK Bremen during the Winter semester 2023/24. Throughout the course, they learned the basics of Creative Coding using the p5.js library with the goal of producing coding-inspired artifacts.

Their concepts delve into the digital and the tangible, focusing on phenomena such as tension, optics, and the transformation of intangible content into physical objects. Through generative systems and patterns, they navigate the complexity and poetics of the digital, making computers and their underlying code visible in unexpected ways. The students blend physical and digital materials to craft pieces that provoke thought. The theme of translation and unraveling comes to life, highlighting the subtle beauty found in errors, minor bugs, and fragmented bodies.

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