Friday | 31 May 2024

Finds from the Art Library

Presented by Jan Charzinski, Library Director
© Alexandra Maarouf
© Alexandra Maarouf

As this month's finds, we are presenting both an old and a new book. While "Die Mode in der Karikatur" (1928) deals with more or less witty caricatures and commentaries on the fashion world of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the book "Get Rid of Meaning" (2021) is about something completely different, namely the authorship of Kathy Acker, the so-called Queen of Punk. The Badischer Kunstverein exhibition catalog provides insights into the author's amusing and sometimes wild world of research and work, including hemorrhages, giant black spiders, pimples and goddesses eating men.

© Alexandra Maarouf

Two books that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, except perhaps a certain intention of humor and statement, but which could hardly be more different. And only one of them actually matches the humor of the person writing here, which one it is is anyone's guess. 😊
In any case, both can be found in the Kunst am Speicher XI branch library and both are an expression of their time and their humor, which comments on the respective zeitgeist. As I said, sometimes more, sometimes less successful.

© Alexandra Maarouf

The third find that just crept into our hands was the "Alfred-Marie fashion sheets". Admittedly, this may seem a little belated, but this folder with hand-colored woodcut prints from the 10s of the 20th century immediately appealed to us and we couldn't see why it should take a back seat to the other two finds, if anything the other way around. The fragile pencil case is a real eye-catcher and, in addition to its very own illustrations, also features silk endpapers and self-made printing paper - unfortunately, it has probably seen better days.

However, the depths of the library always bring interesting things to light. But see for yourself and drop by the library.

© Hochschule für Künste Bremen

The library is known to be a place of peace, contemplation and knowledge. There is a similar situation with another place: the toilet, also known as the privy, another parallel. The library can also satisfy needs by imparting knowledge, inspiration or as a space for learning, being or meeting. And so our radio piece more or less covers several needs at once, in a certain way. Because the book "Cacas - The Encyclopedia of Poop" brings us closer to the world of excrement of the various inhabitants of this earth and gives us a fantastic insight into textures and color aspects. It is certainly also suitable for reading in the loo, but we would not recommend it. Nevertheless, take a look in the library and - to relax - take a look at the book or the diverse collection of the branch library.

© Hochschule für Künste

Have you always wanted to know what it looks like when mostly old men, edicts, decrees, documents and the like were written in beautiful script and extinct languages on elaborately scooped paper or animal skins? Then this find is just the thing - in "Examples of Artistic Writing from Past Centuries" you will find exactly that in a finely presented loose collection of pages and repros. While the content will usually only be accessible to those familiar with Latin, it is primarily the skillful handwriting and decorative lettering that is effective here, giving an impression of how such documents were designed and set up at the time. Like many such old teaching materials, this find is also in the library's stacks and can be made available to you from there if you are interested in such writings. So why not drop by the library anyway and take a look at the book or the library's diverse collection?