Thursday | 20 June 2024

University of the Arts Bremen attains right to award doctorates

After a successful pilot phase, the HfK was granted the right to award doctorates in June 2024
Dr. Kathrin Gollwitzer-Oh, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Boggasch, Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick and HfK Chancellor Dr. Antje Stephan (left to right): The award to bestow doctorates is an important step in the further development of the University. © Kim Mayer

The University of the Arts Bremen (HfK) has attained the right to award doctorates in June 2024 after a successful four-year pilot phase. The HfK Bremen has thereby become one of the first German art universities that is privileged to independently and exclusively award the academic degree of Ph.D. in Arts (Doctor of Philosophy) through the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design as part of a hybrid, artistic-scientific doctoral programme.

HfK's binational Artistic PhD programme combines artistic and academic qualifications and is run as a joint degree in cooperation with international partner universities.

The Artistic Ph.D. programme is primarily taught in English and enables Ph.D. candidates to independently carry out artistic-scientific research projects, to critically reflect on methods and discursive or theoretical approaches, and to establish and present their work in an international context. They can thus contribute their work to an international network, present it for discussion and develop important starting points and connections for the future.

Further information can be found in this Press release.