Monday | 4 March 2024

Introductory workshop for young jazz musicians

The application deadline for jazz studies at the HfK Bremen is March 31, 2024

A press release from Jens Fischer

Impression of the Jazz Workshop 2022 at the HfK Bremen with Prof. Markus Schieferdecker.
Impression of the Jazz Workshop 2022 at the HfK Bremen with Prof. Markus Schieferdecker. © Lukas Klose

On March 24, 2024, the jazz department of the Bremen University of the Arts (HfK) is hosting a four-hour introductory workshop for young musicians interested in studying jazz, starting at 1 pm. The workshop offers general information about studying jazz as well as samples of instrumental, ensemble and theory lessons by lecturers and professors from the HfK Bremen.

Prof. Markus Schieferdecker (bass), Oliver Poppe (theory/piano), Julian Wasserfuhr (trumpet), Marcus Bartelt (saxophone), Ed Kröger (trombone/piano), Christian Schönefeld (drums) and Jan-Olaf Rodt (guitar), among others, will provide insights. The course is free of charge. 

To register, please send an e-mail to stating your instrument/subject and your address.

The jazz department of the HfK Bremen organizes top-class workshops with international guest lecturers every semester. In addition, there is the HfK Jazz Club at the university, where regular jamming, concerts and exchanges within the European jazz scene take place. This offers the opportunity to get to know each other and to build networks for the future, which is of great importance for a smooth transition into the profession of jazz musician. The workshops support this process. 

Workshops and concerts are planned for the summer semester 2024 with, among others, Martin Gjakonovski (bass), Helen Schneider (vocals), John Schröder (guitar, piano, drums, bass, voice), Joel Frahm (saxophone), Staffan William-Olsson (guitar), Pat Bianchi (organ), Joris Dudli (drums) and the Richie Goods Quartet, consisting of Richie Goods (bass), Chien Chien Lu (vibraphone), Quintin Zoto (guitar) and Jerome Jennings (drums).
The workshops are for HFK students. However, applicants interested in studying are cordially invited and participation is free of charge. 

Interested parties can also contact Markus Schieferdecker free of charge (online) at any time to find out more about studying jazz bass at the HfK Bremen. He supports potential applicants in all important matters and is available to provide advice and assistance to national and international students.

If you are interested, simply send an email with your contact address to

Applications for jazz studies at the HfK Bremen are still possible online until March 31, 2024.