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Music Education: Jazz


Duration: 8 semesters
Qualification: Bachelor of Music

If jazz is not to become the preserve of older generations, the torch of inspiration that informs this special genre and its remarkable forms of musical expression must be passed on to the next generation of young musicians.

This artistic and pedagogical qualification programme will enable students to develop the necessary teaching expertise and flexibility to work across a broad range of career options. Professional training and the acquisition of instrumental teaching and performance methods specific to the genre are central elements of this programme.

Major subjects

  • Flute (Jazz)
  • Vocals (Jazz)
  • Guitar/E-Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Double bass/E-Bass
  • Trombone (Jazz)
  • Saxophone (Jazz)
  • Drums/Percussion (Jazz)
  • Trumpet (Jazz)
  • Vibraphone