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Bachelor of Music: Jazz Performance

Duration: 8 semesters
Qualification: Bachelor of Music

The Jazz Performance programme is designed to prepare students for a career as a jazz concert musician and provides students with a wide range of opportunities to explore ensemble, Big Band, and jazz choir practice.

The tuition programme is complemented by regular Master Classes with internationally renowned teachers. The University has also established cooperation agreements with Detmold Music University (Hochschule für Musik Detmold) and Groningen University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (the home of the “New York comes to Groningen” jazz programme). Interdisciplinary projects focussing on film music, composition work, and large-scale ensembles – such as the chamber orchestra, jazz ensemble and joint projects with the Digital Media programme – are integral elements of this programme.

Jazz musicians are passionate about their music. Introduced in 1993, the University of the Arts jazz programme features jazz vocals and a broad repertoire of genre instruments including the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, vibraphone, double bass and drums. The passion and dedication invested in the jazz programme by our staff has seen the emergence of a vibrant and supportive department with a strong focus on professional development. The department also provides excellent tuition for young musicians preparing for a career in music teaching and who would like to direct combos, brass and big bands at public schools. Interdisciplinary projects staged in cooperation with our art, theatre, video art and composition programmes play an important role in this programme.

Many of our graduates are now active as professional musicians throughout Germany, and a range of CDs and recordings testify to their dedication and artistic accomplishment. A number of students have garnered important scholarships in this field, signed up with Peter Herbolzheimer’s Bundesjugendjazzorchester, or now work as qualified music teachers.

Major subjects

  • Flute (Jazz)
  • Vocals (Jazz)
  • Guitar/E-Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Double bass/E-Bass
  • Trombone (Jazz)
  • Saxophone (Jazz)
  • Drums/Percussion (Jazz)
  • Trumpet (Jazz)
  • Vibraphone