Department 4 – Facility Administration, Facility and Event Technology

The employees of Department 4 are responsible for keeping the buildings and properties as well as the technical infrastructure and the vehicle fleet at the HfK Bremen operational at all times. They also are tasked with maintaining traffic safety. 

As a rule, the leadership of property management with their appointees and representatives exercise householders rights at all locations and rentals on behalf of the University management. What needs to be taken into account when using the HfK premises can be found here: 

Furthermore, the locking system at all HfK Bremen locations is continually maintained by Department 4. They operate and create the mechanical and electronic systems and keys. 

Room maintenance is also organised, commissioned and supervised by Department 4. 

Event technology is another area of responsibility within property management. 

The management of Department 4 must be involved at an early stage in planning for new construction and conversions as well as events at properties owned or rented by the HfK. What needs to be taken into account relating events can be found here:

Department 4 administrates projects on climate protection internally as well as on a broader scale.

Consulting and coordination services on the topics of maternity protection, occupational safety, fire protection, hazardous substances, etc.

Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon 

Appointments can also arranged made by phone.

Building Supervisors

Building Services

Event Technology

Occupational Safety and Health Protection

Personnel (to be announced)

Management of Climate Protection

Manager of climate protection (to be announced)

What to do if none of the contacts is available?

The reception staff will refer any inquires to Department 4.

  • Email
  • Phone +49 421 9595-1000