Department 5 – Controlling and IT

Department 5 combines the two areas of controlling and IT at the University of the Arts Bremen. 


Controlling means supporting the University of the Arts in particular in the implementation of the global budget by applying methods grounded in economics. Department 5 sees itself as a service centre primarily for the management but also for all other entities at the University. 

The focus of our work develops step by step with the University overall and includes areas such as contract management, data deliveries within the comparative framework of equipment, costs and performances at art and music universities in Northern Germany, as well as data deliveries to the statistical state office. In addition, we are tasked to constantly push forward the development of the University's internal information systems for the determination of cost and performance data as well as suitable metrics.

The IT department develops, creates and operates the central IT infrastructure and the networks across the individual locations. In addition to cable-based networks, IT also makes WLAN available to the University community. This includes the accessibility of Eduroam (Education Roaming WLAN), which enables all members of the University to use of the scientific networks and the Internet. 

The IT department also ensures the technical operation of the central server of the University administration, the mail and cloud services and the University management system, in which all core processes from study and teaching are combined on an integrative platform. 

Department 5 supports all departments at the University in the area of strategic orientation of IT technologies and strives to actively operate efficient, reliable controls and networking of processes relating to operating administrative processes with the high degree of diversification that is typical for an academic institution for the arts and music. 

The permanent further development of effective (IT-supported) control systems is a requirement in order to maintain the competitiveness of the University in international comparison.

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  • Phone +49 421 9595-1100
  • Location Am Speicher XI
  • Room Segment 8, 3rd floor