Applying for the study programme Arp Schnitger Master for Historical Church Music (M.M.)

Studying music at the University of the Arts Bremen is distinguished by an intense support and education on the individual level in an atmosphere that is highly personal and open.

Applicants for a place at the Faculty of Music at the HfK should submit an online application for admission to the entrance examination and to the course between March 1st and March 31st, 2024 via the application portal. The entrance examination takes place in person. After we receive your application, you will receive an email from us stating the further dates and procedures for the application process.

Requirements are detailed in the following document.

The application process for the Faculty of Music at the HfK takes place via the application portal (Bewerbungsportal). The HfK maintains email contact with you via your application account during the application process and informs you in a timely manner about dates, processes, necessary documents and tasks.

For the application for admission to the entrance examination and to the course, all applicants must provide the following application documents by the end of the application deadline (uploaded). 

Application documents sent by regular mail will not be accepted or processed.

The following information must be submitted:

  • tabular CV
  • the programme for the entrance examination
  • a passport photo
  • copies of certificates
  • Further information about school qualifications and university degrees already acquired that are a prerequisite for or are related to the degree programme applied for.

Foreign applicants are requested to send copies of their certificates with a certified translation in German. A certified translation in English is also accepted.

A fee of 50 euros is charged for entering the application process. You will receive information about bank details and intended use by email after your application has been checked. The fee must be received in the account of the University of the Arts Bremen by May 15th at the latest. Participation in the entrance examination is not possible without paying the fee.

The entrance examinations for the Faculty of Music in the winter semester 2024/2025 will take place in person in the week of June 3rd to 8th at University of the Arts Bremen.

Here you will find a list of the expected dates for the entrance examinations for the individual instruments.

Admitted applicants will be notified of the exact examination dates in good time by email with the invitation to the entrance examination.

Admission to study after passing the entrance examination

If you have passed the entrance examination, you will receive notification by email and take part in the allocation process for the available study places.

Admission to study and acceptance of the study place
If you receive admission to the study program, you should inform us that you have accepted the study place. You will receive information about this with the admission letter.

If you receive a rejection letter, it remains to be seen whether the University of the Arts can allocate you a place in the follow-up procedure. If a replacement procedure takes place, you will be notified automatically. We guarantee that no study place will remain vacant!

Important deadlines

  • 1.3.–31.3.2024

    Application for admission to entry exam and application for place to study

  • May 2024

    Invitation to admission exam

  • 1.5.–31.5.2024

    Application for studies for an upper semester/change of universities for the winter semester 2024/25

  • 3.6.–8.6.2024

    Admission exam locally in Bremen

  • July 2024

    Publication of exam results and results of the admission process

  • 1.10.2024

    Start of winter semester 2024/25

Department 1, Office for Students, is the central contact address for all questions relating to applications, admissions, studies and examinations. From the study organisation to the application and admission process, enrolment and de-registration, to questions about taking a leave of absence from your studies, information about study and examination regulations/registrations, questions about BAföG as well as guest and secondary students: you will find advice and support here.

Contact General advice on studies

  • Email
  • Phone +49 421 9595-1113

Study-related specialist advice from the dean of studies

The dean of studies' responsibilities in the music faculty include questions about studying and teaching. The dean of studies ensures that the individual courses of study are carried out appropriately in accordance with the examination and study regulations. She decides on measures to ensure the necessary teaching offerings with adequate supervision. She also ensures that student interests are taken into account appropriately. The dean of studies supports you throughout your studies and coordinates subject-specific advice from lecturers. You are welcome to contact the dean of studies to arrange further advice and if you have personal concerns or difficulties.

Please note that proof of German language skills is a mandatory enrolment requirement. Foreign applicants to study at the University of the Arts must prove that they have a good knowledge of the German language in oral and written communication. Further information about the language certificate can be found below.