Saturday | 22 June 2024


Open day for music studies
© Anja Segermann

The Fête de la Musique was celebrated worldwide at the beginning of the summer on June 21st. This year, HfK Bremen took the opportunity to celebrate an open day in the lively atmosphere of the Facutly of Music at Dechanatstraße 13-15. Many of the visitors were impressed by the diversity of the HfK Bremen.

The event was a great success. Around 500 visitors came and experienced the diversity of the HfK's education programme in more than 30 concerts. Photographer Anja Segermann captured some of the moments.

Prof. Olaf Tzschoppe was the musical director of the event. The entire programme can be found here. Many thanks to our students, lecturers, staff and guests who made the Fête de la Musique a special event highlight.

Buten un Binnen showed a live broadcast. You can re-watch it here.