Occupational social welfare for employees of the HfK administration

Within the framework of company social welfare, this offer is intended to provide all employees with anonymous counselling in order to receive help in their working lives.


  • You are employed in the administration of the HfK and counselling is desired.

Zum Angebot

  • Counselling is absolutely confidential, free of charge and voluntary.
  • Counselling takes place outside working hours on the premises of the NIK.
  • A "referral" to the NIK must be made in advance. This can be done either through one of the HfK's health officers (Christine Gerlach) or through the company medical service (Dr. Niklas Schaumlöffel).
  • After being contacted, the NIK guarantees a first consultation appointment lasting 90 minutes within 10 working days. This first appointment can be followed by 2 further appointments of 45 minutes each.
  • The aim of the counselling is to show solutions and strategies to help resolve or overcome the personal situation. The NIK works according to the principle of systemic counselling (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systemische_Beratung).
  • Website www.nik.de
  • Email info@nik.de
  • Phone +49 421 3379415