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Application Digital Media


Bachelor Digital Media

Applications for our Bachelor of Digital Media / Media Design programme are processed through the University of the Arts’ online platform ARTIST. Applications for admission to the entrance examination and for study for this programme of studies must be submitted through the ARTIST platform by 2020-05-29.

On receiving your application, the University of the Arts will send you an email containing details on other important deadlines and dates in the application process.

The entrance examination

The next step on the way to a study place in the Digital Media/Media Design programme is the entrance examination. The core of the application is your portfolio with self-produced, meaningful, creative-artistic work samples. These are submitted exclusively in the form of digital or digitized (e.g. photographed) works. The digitization of the works should be of good to high quality. However, the quality of the digitisation will not be evaluated. If necessary, provide the works with references to works (websites, videos) on cloud services (Nextcloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) or video platforms (Youtoube, Vimeo etc.). The works can come from digital or non-digital areas (e.g. interaction design, interface design, generative design, new media art, web design, video, animation, typography, photography, drawing, concept work). The works should be submitted in common file formats such as PDF, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIV, MOV, AVI, MPEG. Works that have been realized in interactive or generative formats (e.g. Unity, Processing or Unreal Engine) should be submitted as screenshots or screencaptures and as original files. Each work can be accompanied by short explanations. A curriculum vitae in table form and a list of the submitted work should be attached.

The works are uploaded on a web interface. You will receive further information promptly by e-mail.

The second part of the entrance examination is based on the results of the submitted work. The entrance examination consists of a homework assignment and a technical discussion with the examination board.

If you have passed the entrance examination, you will receive notification of this by e-mail and take part in the allocation procedure for available places on the course.

If you receive a letter of rejection, it remains to be seen whether the University of the Arts can allocate a place for you in the succession procedure. Please be patient, we guarantee that no study place will remain free!

Important dates

Application for admission to the entrance examination: from 2020-02-01 until 2020-05-29
Upload of artistic works / portfolios: 2020-06-03 until 2020-06-06
Review of the artistic works: 2020-06-09 and 2020-06-10
Mailing of results of review of the artistic works: from 2020-06-18
Mailing of the theme for the homework: from 2020-06-22
Upload of the homework: at 2020-06-24 (until 23:59 MESZ)
Interviews entrance examination: from 2020-06-29 until 2020-07-01
Results of admission procedure: until end of July 2020
Commencement of the winter semester 2020/2021 lecture period: 2020-10-05

Information for foreign applicants

Please Note, the proof of German language skills as obligatory pre-requisite for enrolment. Foreign applicants for a course of study at the University of the Arts must prove that they have good knowledge of the German language in oral and written communication. Further information on the language certificate can be found below.

Master Digital Media

The Master of Arts Digital Media program is jointly offered by the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK) and the University of Bremen (UNI). The application and selection process is administered by the University of Bremen. For further information on the relevant procedures, please see: and

Important dates

  • Application for admission to the selection process: 2020-04-01 until 2020-05-31
  • Sessions of the selection commission and invitation to the personal interview: until 2020-06-17
  • Personal interviews:2020-06-24 until 2020-06-26
  • Results of the personal interviews and admission procedure: July 2020
  • Commencement of the winter semester lecture period: 2020-10-05
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