Art and Design

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The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at the HfK Bremen includes diploma and master's degree courses in Fine Arts as well as bachelor's and master's courses in Integrated Design and Digital Media.

The HfK combines the highest level of individual support with the diverse possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration across the classic boundaries of individual sectors. It therefore offers the best conditions for developing one's own creative potential on a broad basis of aesthetic and creative expression.

Areas of study

Digital Media are changing the world – in almost all areas of life. But they themselves are also subject to constant, rapid development. Designing the development of digital media in innovative and responsible ways, researching the possibilities of their use, recognising social and cultural effects – these are the guidelines of the Digital Media degree program. The course is organised jointly by the University of the Arts and the University of Bremen. Both institutions combine computer science with art, theory with practice and creativity with solid knowledge and integrate scientific-theoretical, application-oriented and artistic-design components. This also includes learning a lot about professional practice and orienting yourself internationally during your studies. The focus is on the development of multimedia interactive systems using computer science and artistic design methods, the application of these systems to solve concrete problems, and the social context of these development and application processes. The programme prepares you for the Bachelor's (6 semesters) and Master's (another 4 semesters) degrees.

In the study programme Fine Arts, HfK students can qualify for an artistic career in well-equipped studios and workshops and close personal contact with renowned professors in relevant fields such as sculpture, painting, drawing, objects, concepts, photography and media. The artistic teaching is embedded in art-scientific and art-theoretical reflection.

Responsible designers with the skills to cope with current and future tasks are the educational goal of the study programme Integrated Design at the HfK Bremen. Here too, the HfK aims to impart comprehensive design skills to its students and to transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines. The focus of the programme are people and their needs for the designed environment. The programme is therefore not based on the classic division into individual professional fields (product design, fashion design, visual communication) but rather on exemplary questions that are relevant to design in general. The guiding principles of the course are not separation into creative sub-disciplines, but rather integration, interdisciplinarity and orientation on projects. The programme prepares you for the Bachelor's (7 semesters) and Master's (another 3 semesters) degrees.

The University of the Arts Bremen offers a post-graduate programme of study, an art- and science-based PhD programme. Further information can be found on the page of the Binational Artistic PhD Program.

In order to turn your own thoughts and ideas into matter, you need workshops. The professionally equipped and supervised workshops are available to all students and teachers.

Department 1, office for students, the dean of each faculty and the dean of studies are ready to provide information on studies and applying.

Semester dates

  • 1.10.2023

    Start of winter semester 2023/24

  • 16.10.2023

    Start of lectures

  • 22.12.2023–5.1.2024

    Semester break

  • 16.2.2024

    End of lectures

  • 31.3.2024

    End of winter semester 2023/24

  • 1.4.2024

    Start of summer semester 2024

  • 2.4.2024

    Start of lectures

  • 5.7.2024

    End of lectures

    (30 weeks of teaching)

  • 30.9.2024

    End of summer semester 2024

The University of the Arts Bremen cooperates with many partner universities in various countries. Extensive information about semesters abroad can be found on the website of the International Office.

All pertinent information on application periods, requirements and application criteria are available under Application.