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The Faculty of Art & Design

Creativity and expertise – The Faculty of Art & Design at University of the Arts Bremen offers programmes in Fine Arts, Integrated Design and Digital Media enabling the University to deliver an optimum of personal support coupled with a wide range of opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation and experimentation.

Our degree programmes cover a broad range of forms of aesthetic expression and provide students with an excellent framework for the realization of their creative potential. In our Fine Arts programme students work under the close guidance of a staff of widely respected professors and explore all of the relevant fields of artistic expression including sculpture, painting, drawing, objects, concept, photography and media. Practical artistic training undertaken at the University is embedded within a framework of art historical and theoretical reflection.

The Integrated Design course at the University of the Arts aims to train responsible designers equipped with the skills to accomplish today's and tomorrow's challenges. As with our other courses of study, the Integrated Design programme is designed to provide students with a comprehensive palette of skills and to transcend the borders of individual disciplines. The focus of this programme rests squarely on the individual and the role played by design in satisfying our needs. The programme explores overarching issues relevant to the design professions as a whole, rather than individual areas of vocational activity (product design, visual communication and fashion design) and promotes a holistic understanding of design through project work, emphasising collaboration, interdisciplinary perspectives and integration. As part of the drive to create a European Higher Education Area through the Bologna Process, the Diploma in Integrated Design was phased out and replaced by Bachelor and Master programmes in 2009.

Digital media is changing the world and impacting on almost aspect of our lives. But the rapid evolution of digital media itself adds another yet layer of complexity to this phenomenon. In our Digital Media programme students explore the potential uses of digital media and learn to evaluate their social and cultural effects. This programme is co-managed by two universities in Bremen: the University of the Arts and University of Bremen. Combining computer science with art, theory with practice, and creativity with expertise, the study programme covers a broad field of scientific, theoretical, applied, and artistic fields. In the course of their studies, students also have the opportunity to gain experience in a professional environment and establish international contacts. The programme focuses on the development of interactive multi-media systems through applied computer science and artistic practice, their application in developing solutions to practical problems, and the broader social implications of these processes. Bachelor’s (6 semesters) and Master’s (plus 4 semesters) programmes are available.