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Young Students Programme

Our Young Students Programme is open to talented school pupils keen to develop their musical skills and discover what might await them at a music university. Prospective participants are required to complete an aptitude test with successful candidates enjoying qualified tuition and the opportunity to prepare for their tertiary studies in this supportive and unique programme.

Features of this programme include individual instrumental tuition, courses in music theory and aural skills (these course can be accredited towards a later degree programme), chamber music courses, and our special "Young Talent Podium” concert series.

The Young Students Programme is operated by University of the Arts Bremen as an adjunct qualification programme (fachverwandter Ausbildungsgang) in accordance with state law (§ 4, Abs. 12 Bremische Hochschulgesetz).

Fees: €250 per semester

Courses available:

  • Tuition in the student’s Major
  • Music theory and aural skills

Other options

Intensive course in musical literature – listening to and understanding music

  • Teaching observation
  • Chamber musi
  • Tuition in the student’s Major

Young Talent Podium

The Young Students concert series provides participants with regular opportunities to gather stage experience. These concerts are staged at the University of the Arts and other venues across northern Germany.