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The Faculty of Music at University of the Arts Bremen is a truly unique learning environment with a warm and welcoming atmosphere combined with the cosmopolitan outlook of a Hanseatic city. Frequent cross-campus projects and lectures staged in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts & Design provide regular opportunities for students to engage in interdisciplinary work alongside students from other programmes. Our programmes are bolstered by strong cooperative ties with international partner universities and institutions in Bremen, including the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra (the partner organisation of our “Master of Music Orchestral Academy” programme), the Deutschen Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Musikschule Bremen, Amadeo musical kindergarten, the University of Bremen and a number of other schools in the state of Bremen.

Submitting an application

Much of the application process for the Faculty of Music is conducted online. Candidates are requested to submit their application through our dedicated online platform ARTIST at

Prospective students wishing to apply for a place at the Faculty of Music of the University of the Arts for the concert exam in the summer semester 2020 must submit an application for admission to the entrance examination and the course of study between 01 November 2019 and 30 November 2019

Information about the concert exam can be found at concert exam

Prospective students who want to start studying at the University of the Arts in the Bachelor's or Master's programme from the winter semester 2020/2021 onwards must apply for admission to the entrance examination and study before 10 April 2020 via our ARTIST platform at

In addition to online registration, applicants are requested to upload the following documents. Application documents sent by post will not be accepted and processed:

  • a personal résumé (bullet-point format)
  • your programme for the entrance examination (audition)
  • one passport photograph
  • copies of relevant qualifications and certificates
  • details of your school qualifications and any previous tertiary qualifications that are relevant to or required for the programme you wish to attend

Foreign applicants are requested to send certified copies of relevant qualifications and certificates.

A fee of 30 € is charged for participation in the application procedure. After checking your application, you will receive information on the bank details and the intended purpose by e-mail. This fee must be transferred to the account of the Hochschule für Künste Bremen at the end of the above application period. Otherwise there will be no further processing of the application and therefore no participation in the entrance examination.

The entrance examination

The entrance examination takes place in the Faculty of Music, Dechanatstraße 13-15, 28195 Bremen.

The actual entrance examination for our Bachelor programmes generally consists of three or four parts:

  • a practical performance examination in your Major subject(s)
  • a practical performance examination in your instrumental/vocal Minor subject
  • a written examination on music theory and aural skills
  • applicants for the following programmes will also undertake an examination on music education and performance: Bachelor of Music, Music education for instrumental and vocal performance (MEIVP), MEIVP/Music theory, and Music theory /composition

Candidates undertaking practical entrance examination(s) in their respective instrumental/vocal Major(s) will be required to perform several works for the examiners (approx. 20 minutes). The selection of works chosen for this examination should reflect the major stylistic periods of the respective subject area and include one work from the twentieth century. Candidates will be appraised by the examination commission on the basis of their technical accomplishment and artistic quality. Individual candidates may also be required to demonstrate their ability to sight-read or sight-sing as applicable.

Candidates for our Performance and Church Music Masters programmes will be tested in their Major subject(s) only. Candidates for the Master of Music Education and Performance programme are also required to take an examination in Music Education.

Eligible candidates will be notified of the precise examination dates in an email containing their invitation to take the entrance examination.

For detailed information on the audition repertoire for the entrance examination and sample questions for prospective students undertaking examinations in music theory and aural skills, please see the Application tab on our website:

Acceptance for a placement

Admission to a place after passed the entrance examination

Successful candidates will receive an email from the University of the Arts confirming that they have passed the entrance examination and take place on allocation for place to studies.

Admission to a place and acceptance for a placement

If you are awarded a placement at the University of the Arts, you should inform us of the acceptance of the place of study. You will receive information on this with the admission letter

Candidates that receive a letter of rejection will be placed on a reserve list and may be offered a placement in the event that a successful candidate does not take up their placement. If a follow-up procedure takes place, you will be notified automatically. We promise that all available placements will be filled!

Information for foreign applicants

Please Note, the proof of German language skills as obligatory pre-requisite for enrolment. Foreign applicants for a course of study at the University of the Arts must prove that they have good knowledge of the German language in oral and written communication.

Important dates for applicants to the University of the Arts

  • Application for admission to the entrance examination until 10 April 2020
  • Invitation to the entrance examination appro. Mid-May 2020
  • Entrance examinations from08 June 2020 through 13 June 2020
  • Announcement of the entrance examination results before the end of June/beginning of July 2020
  • Allocation of placements before the end of July 2020